Cloud Computing Company

what is cloud computing?

if you are a big company you need computers for data and for software applications, so you get a server room that might look clumsy and crumbled by wires room, instead of maintaining all the servers, you can use cloud computing to store your data more efficiently. A cloud is a place where all our data are stored. A person with a server farm will provide you with space to store your data’s it called cloud computing. And the term “cloud computing company” refers to the individual or business that offers cloud storage to everyone. systematically a cloud computing company always services the public under the two models which are the deployment model and service model these two models each consist of three types: Deployment model – public, private, and hybrid Service model – iaas, paas, saas.

why choosing cloud computing is wise decision:

scalability: you have to pay the storage provider according to how much you used the server, so it’s not gonna be expensive you’re gonna pay in regards to usage of yours, and also in cloud computing it is easy to scale up and down and has more options than the on-premises method.

server storage: In cloud computing, you got people who provide space and storage o data so you don’t need to pay for maintenance and electricity.

data security: cloud computing is way more secure than the on-premises method, there is no need for monitoring consistently once in a while is also okay.

data loss: one of the best data recovery methods available in cloud computing, you can recover your data in the fastest and easiest way.

maintenance: in the method of on-premises you are the one who maintains the servers but in cloud computing, the servers are maintained by the server providers.

Being a cloud computing company we assure that choosing cloud computing is a wise decision.

YesIT cloud computing service:

 As a cloud computing company we YesIT has more services and more features in cloud service including data storage, computing, databases, networking, data lakes, analytics and security, and much more. We can provide the best cloud computing service with all the methods and types that include cloud storage, we can customize the methods according to your company. YesIT has the most expert people in cloud computing maintenance, We made many of our clients happy with our sensational services in cloud computing.

cloud solution:

YesIt the cloud computing comany provides the best solution to your common problems in the cloud, helps to solve your problem and builds faster using YesIT. We always come up with the best solution and detailed architecture, a department guide with types, and full instruction of both automated and manual department services.

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